April 2, 2018

It is finally here. We did it. And it is amazing.

Over the next 2 weeks, Queenslanders, Australians, people around the world will get to marvel at this magnificent statement of peace and solidarity to end ALL forms of violence.

The pictures of this record breaking One Mi...

March 13, 2018

Photo: Michelle Xen for Museum of Brisbane.

 Over the years, we’ve received and heard some touching stories from star weavers around the world. Sometimes it’s a note with the stars sent in, or a story I've heard when running/attending a star weave jam. I know many of yo...

March 5, 2018

This month is full of IWD2018 events, workshops and talks both locally and across the country. I know it can get overwhelming at times, but if you can't make any events, know that women around the world are gathering, celebrating, and remembering everything we have ach...

February 27, 2018

Legend's Cafe. Apia Samoa.

It's crunch time for the One Million Stars project. Things are really starting to come together and lists of things to do are being checked, though I'm sure they get longer again. Hmmmm...

For Louise and I, this is something we want to do well,...

February 14, 2018

Does star weaving inspire hope? What does hope look like, what does it feel like? If hope were an action or a colour, what would it be?

I googled ‘hope’ to find a starting point and this quote stood out for me.

“Optimism is faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be...

February 6, 2018

In 50 days, the world is going to see the first ever installation of one million woven stars in one place, hand made by remarkable people around the world for one purpose. Peace.

As the clock ticks down, I am bracing myself for all kinds of responses and questions. Awe,...

December 25, 2017

Did you know that the word “magic” comes from the same word used for the wise men in the Christmas story?

What do the Magi (wise men) of the Christmas story and Disney’s story of Moana have in common?

They both are stories of courageously following navigating stars.

I can...

November 19, 2017

Last week I got to speak for a few minutes at a dinner called ‘Leaders for Positive Change’ organised by MFO (Multicultural Families Organisation) at Carrara Sports & Leisure Centre, Gold Coast. There were other inspirational speakers that night, including D/Inspector...

October 30, 2017

 Snorkelling in Samoa. 

I LOVE going home to Samoa. I mean, I really really really love, going to Samoa. Everything about it, the weather, the smell of the air, village life, art & craft, responsibilities, opportunities, everything – I love. One day, I plan to live ther...

August 11, 2017

I don't know about other star weavers and supporters, but I'm still recovering from Wednesday's monumental announcement that we reached one million stars. HOORAY! The messages on our facebook page and instagram continue to come in and have been so supportive. It's beau...

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