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Strength to Love - Growing love beyond boundaries

July 16, 2014

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Strength to Love - Growing love beyond boundaries

July 16, 2014

It's time to get back into it and promote the Million Stars project even more.


I find it scary all the things I need to do to get this beautiful project into people's hearts and imaginations - posting to social media all the time, being at this event, speaking to that person, doing it this way....I find it even scarier asking for help and for people to volunteer their time and energy.


Yet, despite the fear, I know I have to find some strength from somewhere (family, faith, girlfriends & food) and just do it. I love and believe in this project so much, it's kind of taking over. In a wonderful way. So, I'm likely to make some mistakes, and miss lots of golden opportunities and people I could've spoken to about this. But, I'm also learning lots, hearing powerful stories of healing and community building and meeting incredible and generous people. I know this effort and passion is all worth it. I feel wrecked after workshops, but there is a significant shift that always happens in the world when someone adds a woven star to thousands already made. I feel honoured that strangers are trusting me to create this high vision that is only ever as big as our imaginations and hearts.


To help grow support and participation for this project, Mark and I are busting our guts to release a fundraising and awareness rasiging campaign called

Strength to Love. It's designed to support our epic projects, including this one and our long overdue tshirt label, Super Native Unlimited (SNU). Both the Million Stars project and SNU have been created with a strength to love - to love those in need, to love ourselves and to love those who we find hardest to love or understand.


You'll be hearing a bit more about Strength to Love as we build it. We are very exicited and nervous about what will unfold, and because of this, we know we have to go for it. We won't know unless we try, right?  


There's never the right moment, or the right amount of $. There is only the right kind of love. And between the 2 of us and you mob out there, there's a lot of love and strength between us and then some. 


Til next time. Happy weaving x


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